Maya Angelou introduces excerpts from the acclaimed 1831
autobiography of Bermuda-born slave Mary Prince.

John Cox of the Bermuda Historical Museum Society on William Perot, Bermuda's first postmaster.

A Tribute To Bermuda's Unofficial National Anthem:
Bermuda Is Another World By Hubert Smith & The Coral Islanders.

Bermudian artists reflect on Byllee Lang's legacy.
Used with permission of the Bermuda National Gallery.

The Birth of a Trust: Bermuda's History Through Music  


Recommended viewing

A selection of Bermuda films and TV shows focusing on the Island's history:

When Voices Rise
The story of the 1959 Theatre Boycott and the struggle to end segregation.

The Lion and The Mouse
Docudrama about the relationship between Bermuda and the United States.

Rare Bird
The story of the rediscovery of the Bermuda Cahow, thought extinct for 325 years.

In The Hour of Victory
The true World War II story of Bermudian Major Toby Smith.

Bermuda: Five Centuries
Six-part TV series tells story of Bermuda's people and past.