Research tips and resources

The profiles used in Bermuda Biographies are compiled from sources in the public domain—the Bermuda National Library, the Bermuda Archives, the repository for Government records, and the Office of the Registrar General for birth, marriage and death records.

For anyone interested in doing additional research, the Bermuda National Library, in particular, is a treasure trove. There you will find past issues of The Royal Gazette, the Mid-Ocean News, the Bermuda Sun, the Bermuda Recorder, the Bermuda Times and The Bermudian, all on microfilm. Other periodicals, such as Fame magazine, are also available. Current publications often have access to archived issues online, although these do not usually go back more than a few years.

The Library also has a biographies file that contains newspaper articles of countless Bermudians, living and deceased, plus a Bermudiana card index. Most people who made a difference have a card in that index where you can find dates — and page numbers — of newspaper and magazine articles written about them.

Another useful source is the National Museum of Bermuda.


Bermuda Archives

Bermuda National Library

The Bermuda Railway Pages

Bermuda National Gallery

Bermuda National Trust

Bermuda Sun

The Bermudian

Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

National Museum of Bermuda

Office of the Registrar General

Old Bermuda: Our Island, Our History

The Royal Gazette

St. George's Foundation