Hubert Smith
Musician, bandleader, songwriter
Born May 9, 1918

Musician Hubert Smith Sr. wrote countless songs, but is best remembered for his signature hit, Bermuda Is Another World.

Smith, who performed solo and as leader of the band Hubert Smith and the Coral Islanders, was one of the Island’s most beloved entertainers during the golden era of tourism.

He received numerous awards during his career, including the Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour, and was the long-time leader of the musicians’ union.

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First Bermuda Day celebrated
May 24, 1979

The May 24 holiday, which initially commemorated Queen Victoria's Birthday before becoming Empire Day and then Commonwealth Day, was first celebrated as Bermuda Day in 1979.

It was established as a vehicle for bringing black and white Bermudians together—something the Pitt Commission that investigated the causes of the 1977 riots said was sorely needed.

An event to celebrate the holiday was already in place—the popular May 24 Marathon Derby, which dates back to 1909, had strong participation from all sectors of the community. Initially, heritage events were held during the week of May 24, but are now spread throughout May, which became known as Heritage Month.

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