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Welcome to Bermuda Biographies. This website contains the biographies of people who have made a contribution to Bermuda in all spheres. The biographies are of people who are no longer living. The site was launched in May 2007 and new names are being added all the time. Bermudabiographies.bm is the recipient of a grant from the Bermuda Arts Council.

How to use this site

For access to the full biographies, click on Biographies in the menu bar at the top of any page, then click on the photos of people whose life stories you want to read.  Highlights from their lives are listed under Milestones and excerpts from their speeches, interviews and  letters to newspaper editors can be found under Quotes. Additional photos can be seen under Photos. The main sources for the bios are listed under Learn More.

The biographies are compiled from sources in the public domain—the Bermuda National Library, the Bermuda Archives, the repository for Government records, and the Office of the Registrar General for birth, marriage and death records.

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Books and articles listed under ‘Learn More’ are the chief sources for each biography.

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About the Editor

Meredith Ebbin began her working life as a registered nurse, but after six years at KEMH, she was given a try-out at The Royal Gazette. That was the beginning of a 30-year career in journalism.

When she retired in 2009, she was a senior writer at the Bermuda Sun.  For four years prior to that, she was managing editor of The Bermudian magazine, which gave her the opportunity to sink her teeth into Bermuda’s history and heritage. 

In May 2007, she launched BermudaBiographies.bm to make the stories of the men and women who played a role in Bermuda’s development freely available on the internet.