Vincent Leroy Lee
Architect, Member of Parliament
Born October 20, 1903

Unassuming, dedicated and diligent, Vincent Leroy Lee was one of Bermuda’s first black architects and the second black person to represent Southampton in the House of Assembly.

He designed homes, commercial buildings and churches, among them Spot Restaurant, the Salvation Army’s Newlands Corps, Evening Light Tabernacle and Vernon Temple parsonage, the Bassett and the Recorder buildings on Court Street, as well as Somerset Cricket Club and Southampton Rangers. He was also the architect for renovations carried out at St. George’s and Clay House Inn.



UBP wins landslide victory
October 29, 1985

Champagne flowed at the United Bermuda Party’s headquarters following  a landslide victory in a snap election. The ruling UBP won 31 seats to the Opposition Progressive Labour Party’s seven. Former PLP MPs Gilbert Darrell and Austin Thomas won two seats for the newly-formed National Liberal Party.

Voter turnout was a record low, with only 69.7 per cent of the electorate voting. Asked whether the election was really necessary, as the previous one had taken place in 1983, Premier John Swan [pictured] said: “I promised the public the chance to participate and I am fulfilling that promise.”

Opposition Leader Lois Browne-Evans said the PLP had to rebuild and put its split with its dissidents behind it.

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