Maria Benn Ible
Businesswoman, charity fundraiser. 
Born October 6, 1907

Larger than life, Maria Benn Ible was best known for the block parties that she staged for children in her back-of-town neighbourhood. 

She had no children of her own, and had overcome a tough childhood to become a successful businesswoman.

She gave back to the community by throwing children's parties and organising charity events for more than 40 years.


UBP wins landslide victory 
October 29, 1985

The ruling United Bermuda Party crushed the Opposition Progressive Labour Party, winning 31 seats to the PLP’s 7 in the 1985 general election.The National Liberal Party, contesting an election for the first time, won two seats.

Champagne flowed at UBP headquarters on Chancery Lane. Voter turnout was a record low, with only 69.7 per cent of the electorate bothering to show up at the polls.

When asked whether the election was really necessary, as the previous one had only taken place in 1983, Premier John Swan (pictured) said: “I promised the public the chance to participate and I am fulfilling that promise.

”Opposition Leader Lois Browne-Evans said the PLP had to rebuild and put its split with its dissidents behind it.

The two NLP seats were won by dissidents Gilbert Darrell and Austin Thomas, who were expelled by the PLP. Mr. Darrell said his party survived a formidable attempt by the PLP and the “right wing” of the UBP to “take us out of existence.”

Lawson Mapp and Robert Barritt of the UBP were elected to the House for the first time.  


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